About ChiCura

The name ChiCura is composed of two words which are very important in relation to the thoughts and dreams behind the brand.

Chi comes from the Chinese qi and means life energy. Cura is the Latin word for care.

In other words, caring for life !

It is ChiCura’s long term mission to come up with a variety of designs that you can acquire with a clear conscience. ONLY animal-friendly products that are produced under humane conditions.

Likewise, our mission is to donate up to 10% of our annual profits to charity.

Behind ChiCura

The story leading up to ChiCura’s birth…

The founders behind ChiCura, Charlotte Harbo Lavian and Daniel Lunding Lavian, got together in March 2010, in a work-way that is. Besides being working partners, they have, in their private lives, also been a couple since 2007.

Thoughts about an independent life were a high priority for them, so they quickly agreed that they should try it out, despite being aware of the many challenges they had to face.

Daniel and Charlotte each come from two very different backgrounds, which means that together they stand strong.

Daniel has the economic and strategic business background.
After his studies, he has played a big role in several growing companies and is good at juggling many tasks at the same time.

“Good at juggling many tasks at the same time.
Although this doesn’t apply in private.” adds Charlotte.

Charlotte is from the more creative, visual branch and before 2010 has worked in different large photography studios. Today, she is a photographer and retoucher.

The first business they established together in 2010 was the photography studio CH Touch, which they still run to this day.

The photography studio has its own studio in Copenhagen as well as employees and is behind images for large Danish and international brands.
After having worked with different brands for many years, the dream grew.

Suddenly, CH Touch became the springboard for a new brand that Daniel and Charlotte began to work on at the same time. It absolutely had to have something to do with photography, design, and creativity since they had
already created the perfect foundation for it.

In February 2015, ChiCura was born…

Charlotte Harbo Lavian

Daniel Lunding Lavian

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