All designs are printed in Denmark and on eco-friendly paper (FSC).

The sizes are: A5 (with brown eco-friendly envelope), A3, 50×70 and in 70×100 cm. In case of special production, we also offer other sizes.


Layer upon layer our world is evolving. Full of history that’s been created by people’s thoughts and actions.


You’re part of it.


The process:

When creating each city (country or area), we photographs the shadows around the map to suit the specific city as well as retouching the entire poster.


Each map is available in 4 different colors or colors based on your request.





View our current MAPS designs by clicking on the image above.

Zodiac Signs

We are fascinated by individuality.
The why and how we people form our unique personalities.
We also like to be reminded of our good qualities, don’t we?


Therefore, we created these 12 zodiac designs.


The look is minimalistic and modern and can easily fit with the rest of your home.
They can stand alone or together, maybe in different sizes, to give your home that personal touch.


View our current Zodiac designs by clicking on the image above.


View our current Animal designs by clicking on the image above.


We are all on a mission, a mission to find love, joy, fulfilment, balance, meaning – our meaning with our lives. Our choices are guided by our past and by our hopes for a particular future. Most of the time it’s the ego at the helm, let’s diminish the ego and open our hearts so that the ship is guided towards more meaning.

View our current Ink designs by clicking on the image above.

Flowers & Plants

As many times before, we will celebrate life and its eternal development of beauty and dreams.
This time we created this elegant and majestic universe of different beauties from our nature.
Celebrate life with us and invite this universe home into your living room.

View our current Flower & Plants designs by clicking on the image above.


View our current Graphics designs by clicking on the image above.

ChiCura Multilayer Art

Each image consists of many different layers of scenes that have been carefully selected, in order to create detailed artistic images with unique messages.

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